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Team competition

day: Thursday, Aug. 24th
time: 08:30 – 13:30
Team Competition Map

The team competition will take place at the elementary school in Strečno. You will go there by foot. It should take less than 10 minutes.

Each team will be located in a separate classroom. The regulation concerning time and equipment allowed to take with are similar to those in the individual competition. At the end, put all you want to submit for marking into the corresponding folder (one folder for each problem). Sort the pages by page number for each problem. Do not fold the papers to avoid scanning issues. Put all four folders inside the bigger violet folder with your country name on it. Leave the folder on the table. Take your belongings and the papers with problem statements with you. Leave blank papers, cards, question forms and papers you do not want to submit for marking on the table outside of the folder. Proceed back to the hotel to have a lunch.

Classroom and Bathroom Scheme:

CountryFloor, Wing
Austria3rd, SW
Croatia3rd, SW
Czech Republic2nd, NE
Germany1st, NE
Hungary1st, NE
Lithuania2nd, SW
Poland3rd, SW
Slovakia1st, SW
Slovenia2nd, NE
Switzerland1st, SW
Floor, WingBathroom
1st, SWGents
2nd, SWGents
3rd, SW
1st, NELadies
2nd, NELadies
3rd, NE